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One for the road

This falls under the “I have the best boyfriend in the world” category. I’m headed off to southern Oregon today for my sister’s birthday celebration. Even though it’s a Saturday morning, Brooks got up at 6 am to go to the store so he could send me on my way with fresh, homemade buttermilk biscuits […]

Asparagus takeover at Burgerville?

I have been puzzled for several weeks about what this sign outside of the St Johns Burgerville could possibly mean:

Folding sliding doors…of awesome!

One of the many great things about Brooks is that he always takes my crazy suggestions seriously. A recent one has to do with his upcoming garage remodel. Or to put it more accurately, current garage destruction, digging of enormous hole for garage basement (because what garage is complete without a basement?!), and construction of […]

Intel rock stars?

I get to see more Intel marketing material than anyone should ever have to look at, but I must admit to having watched this video associated with their Sponsors of Tomorrow ad campaign at least ten times. And I have made other people watch it…without being paid to do so. Why? Because it’s actually pretty […]

Oregon Coast photos: April 2009

In early April, we went to Coos Bay for a night and then drove back up the coast the following day, following the route below. View Larger Map

Somehow, the weather god smiled on us and granted sunny, clear skies all day. We stopped a thousand or so times (Brooks was very patient!) and as […]

St. Johns Bridge

(Click image for larger version)

This is from several weeks ago. We were driving over the bridge, and the sky seemed typical of Portland’s sunshine mixed with storm clouds of this time of year.


Easy red pozole recipe

Red pozole is a comfort food I have eaten a lot of in my time. Not being a fan of large bones in my food, I used to always pick around the meat and go for the broth when I had pozole in Mexico growing up. Piled high with your choice of thinly shredded cabbage, […]

Credit surprises of the good kind

I ordered a credit report today, and was pretty pleased to find out that my score is now 769. This doesn’t mean that I am going to rush out and use up the remaining 96% of the credit available to me on beer and salt and vinegar potato chips. That’s not just because that would […]