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Can’t say I’ve heard a worse idea in a long time…

Statesman Journal opinion page: Make Oregon State Hospital Part of OHSU

Because…OHSU does such a great job caring for other vulnerable Oregonians?

Oregon Health Plan reservation list opens today, sort of

Adults who believe they may be eligible for OHP Standard can throw their names in the hat online; by mail, fax or in person; or by phone. [Forms: English, Spanish] More details here. Since it’s a State of Oregon website, there is of course no clear link to the online form as of yet; there […]

Oregon Health Plan to accept new adult enrollments

For a limited time, the Oregon Health Plan will accept new adult enrollments, according to a January 7th DHS news release. OHP will be enrolling approximately 5,000 people into the Standard plan in order to replace members lost by attrition and bring the total number of enrollees back up to average levels. This is the […]

State of Oregon launches hospital cost comparison site

I thought I must have misheard OPB reporters this morning when they discussed the release of the hospital cost comparison website; it didn’t show up on oregon.gov’s main page until later today. The home page for the project follows the state’s standard unnavigable format, which of course means that the most important information for consumers […]