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In the news: Mexican migrants sending less money home

An IHT story this morning discusses the stagnation and decline of remittances from Mexican migrants working in the US. Immigration crackdowns, greater concerns over deportation, and difficulty obtaining work without documentation are among the reasons cited. However, the situation of Mexican migrants goes against the global trends:

In the rest of the world, remittances are […]

Al Gore wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

I can’t help but post when Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize. That makes the month for me.

Now, if he would just win the presidency again.

Horror films as a metaphor for gentrification

All of you lit/film criticism junkies out there might enjoy this piece at PopPolitics.

I love intelligent people who can write clearly and accessibly, with a huge dose of brilliance thrown in for added value.

Domestic spending and the 2006 elections: who won?

I’m only 29, so I hope my naiveté is forgivable. The thing is, when two parties receive a national mandate to do something differently, and yet continue to do the same thing, doesn’t that mean that voters lost again? Case in point: domestic spending budgets look no more likely to receive rational increases than they […]