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Mid-spring garden update

Last summer, Brooks and I spent quite a bit of time thinking about adding plants to the yard that would result in more continuous blooms from early spring to frost. There are wads of graph paper stashed around the house that are basically hand-drawn Gantt charts of planting and blooming schedules; this, to my mind, […]

Fixin’ to…take your order…eventually

It’s ultimately the hipster vibe that rubs me the wrong way. I have an innate dislike of hipsters anyway, but the Portland variety of hipsters who provide food service are particularly annoying […]

Sixty at thirty one

My newly arthritic ankle tells me that rain is likely today. This is an outcome I didn’t see coming when I broke my foot months ago, and I still hope it’s just coincidence that every day there has been rain in the last month, I have woken up with inexplicable soreness. I find this quite […]

Job Announcement: Asset Building Manager at NPF

This is not turning into a nonprofit employment blog, but since I did recently write about the Neighborhood Partnership Fund and the awesome work they are doing with IDAs in Oregon, I thought I’d pass this along.

The Neighborhood Partnership Fund, an OR nonprofit, is seeking a full time Asset Building Manager to focus on […]

United Farm Workers Protest at Whole Foods in the Pearl District

United Farm Workers will be protesting at Whole Foods in the Pearl District this Saturday; while I can’t go myself due to a prior commitment, I hope this event is strongly supported by our community because I think that the people that grow our food should be treated justly. Spotted on the Portland Grassroots Media […]

Home ownership opportunity for low-income people? Nope.

The Housing Authority of Portland will be selling a number of single-family residences and smaller multi-family residences and moving the subsidized households elsewhere in order to stay within budget, reports the Oregonian [story]. One wonders–why is there no consideration of a meaningful home-buying program to let the current tenants work on owning their home? Selling […]

People commute in SW Portland, too

The Oregonian has a story this morning about Commissioner Sam Adams’ plan to extend streetcar services to the eastside. As a Portland resident, I feel kind of upset. Here’s why.

I live in the southwest, near Hillsdale and Multnomah Village. I work near Washington Square in Tigard. The 4.5 mile drive takes me about 10 […]