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Farm workers protest worker treatment, shed light on beef feeding practices at Beef Northwest

Last Saturday, Beef Northwest employees from Boardman, Oregon, union partners, and members of the faith community gathered at Whole Foods in Portland’s Pearl District to call attention to working conditions and practices at Beef Northwest, the feedlot for Oregon Country Natural Beef, and to seek support for their efforts to unionize. Whole Foods is among […]

United Farm Workers Protest at Whole Foods in the Pearl District

United Farm Workers will be protesting at Whole Foods in the Pearl District this Saturday; while I can’t go myself due to a prior commitment, I hope this event is strongly supported by our community because I think that the people that grow our food should be treated justly. Spotted on the Portland Grassroots Media […]

Home ownership opportunity for low-income people? Nope.

The Housing Authority of Portland will be selling a number of single-family residences and smaller multi-family residences and moving the subsidized households elsewhere in order to stay within budget, reports the Oregonian [story]. One wonders–why is there no consideration of a meaningful home-buying program to let the current tenants work on owning their home? Selling […]

People commute in SW Portland, too

The Oregonian has a story this morning about Commissioner Sam Adams’ plan to extend streetcar services to the eastside. As a Portland resident, I feel kind of upset. Here’s why.

I live in the southwest, near Hillsdale and Multnomah Village. I work near Washington Square in Tigard. The 4.5 mile drive takes me about 10 […]

Karl Rove resigning

That’s got to be good news for about…everyone.


Summer poverty reads

My stack of summer reads includes a couple books on poverty that I borrowed from the library. One is Jeffrey Sachs’s The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for our Time, and the other is Ending Poverty in America: How to Restore the American Dream, a collection of essays with which Senator John Edwards is loosely […]

State of Oregon launches hospital cost comparison site

I thought I must have misheard OPB reporters this morning when they discussed the release of the hospital cost comparison website; it didn’t show up on oregon.gov’s main page until later today. The home page for the project follows the state’s standard unnavigable format, which of course means that the most important information for consumers […]

Bombing in Oaxaca

My mom called a few moments ago to let me know that a bomb went off last night a block from where my brother and his family live in Oaxaca. They are unharmed, but the resurgence of violence does not bode well for the city.

Link: WaPo article