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Penne all’arrabiatta for two

This is a recipe that can be easily prepared in 30 minutes or less using common pantry staples, and it’s also vegetarian! Arrabiatta, a spicy Italian tomato-based sauce, has become our favorite go-to when we want a quick and delicious meal. […]

Canning recipe: Marinara sauce

It took a while for our tomatoes to really hit their stride, but at the end of August, they started ripening a thousand a minute or so. Since the whole goal of learning to can was to do something with our tomatoes, this was very exciting.

Marinara sauce is a huge part of that goal. […]

Keeping the bottle deposits from meth heads: round two

I spend more time thinking about how to thwart meth heads than I’m really willing to admit. But the fact that every bottle of beer we consume means a meth head has a shot at freakin’ five cents galls me. We’re talking TENS of dollars in annual contributions to the criminals if we set our […]

Bella’s first days

Friday, Brooks and I went to meet Bella, a 4-year-old English Bulldog who was surrendered by her owner. Expecting to meet the dog and have the weekend to talk about it, we were surprised to instead find ourselves driving home with her that night, having agreed to foster her until we decided one way or […]

Canning festival: check. Fence raising: check.

Last weekend, as planned, my parents came up to our place and helped us out on a number of fronts.

Mom taught me, and a few other lucky women, to can. I’ve done research and read books, but having mom’s advice and lore from decades of experience was simply great. She’s a bit of a […]