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Can’t trust a moderate, apparently

Some good Monday morning reading here:

Trying to appear moderate is not always the best strategy for capturing votes during an election, reveals a new study. Extreme positions can build trust among an electorate, who value ideological commitment in times of uncertainty.

“The current political advantage of the Republican Party stems from the ability of […]

Democratic Party leadership bars Michigan delegates from national convention

First Florida, now Michigan. The oh-so-relevant leadership of the Democratic party voted this morning to take away Michigan’s delegates to the national convention. Their infraction? They scheduled their primary too early.

Domestic spending and the 2006 elections: who won?

I’m only 29, so I hope my naiveté is forgivable. The thing is, when two parties receive a national mandate to do something differently, and yet continue to do the same thing, doesn’t that mean that voters lost again? Case in point: domestic spending budgets look no more likely to receive rational increases than they […]

Election Day already?

For all you Oregonians out there, today’s Election Day. It’s obviously too late to mail in your ballot, so take it to a drop box near you. You can even vote the old-fashioned way, in a booth, at your county elections office. But why do that when you can fill it out at home with […]