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July 17 Oregon Center for Public Policy Food Stamps Update

I just received an email update from OCPP regarding the Farm Bill and food stamps and post it below in its entirety; please visit their website links below for more information.

Punishing Food Stamp Success: The Bush Administration’s Farm Bill would reverse Oregon’s progress against hunger

The Agriculture Committee of the U.S. House […]

God bless America…

I’m currently in eastern Oregon, facilitating a community meeting with farm workers and monitoring the programs I manage. My options for food have been suddenly limited in these past few days, and identifying a place to eat in a small town that could accommodate the restrictions was a challenge; nevertheless, last night, I found a […]

Where are Oregonians on progressive issues?

A recent spate of surveys indicate that the national electorate has undergone a huge shift to the left on a number of key progressive issues (see my favorite summary here). Carla at Loaded Orygun summarizes political trends among Oregonians in her post here.

Immigration quotas discussed in this week’s The Nation

In the July 9 issue of The Nation, Mae Ngai notes that recent immigration reform policies have done nothing to address the inequitable distribution of green cards: current rules give 25,620 across the board to every country, with population and immigration trends ignored. [A New Green Card Deal, article by subscription].

One of the most […]