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Mid-spring garden update

Last summer, Brooks and I spent quite a bit of time thinking about adding plants to the yard that would result in more continuous blooms from early spring to frost. There are wads of graph paper stashed around the house that are basically hand-drawn Gantt charts of planting and blooming schedules; this, to my mind, […]

Oregon Coast photos: April 2009

In early April, we went to Coos Bay for a night and then drove back up the coast the following day, following the route below. View Larger Map

Somehow, the weather god smiled on us and granted sunny, clear skies all day. We stopped a thousand or so times (Brooks was very patient!) and as […]

St. Johns Bridge

(Click image for larger version)

This is from several weeks ago. We were driving over the bridge, and the sky seemed typical of Portland’s sunshine mixed with storm clouds of this time of year.