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Notes from a Tuesday morning

Theology Tuesdays and Thursdays, as I now think of them, wind up being more reflective than the other five days in the week, as a rule. Between my Early Christianity class and Liberation Theology, I look for a place sit, read, write, reflect. Today, it is in a cafĂ© down the street. Law students at […]

Toward better critical theories

Yesterday, many students at Willamette participated in a day of silence in support of Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transsexual etc. rights and equality. Last year, I hadn’t found out about it in time to participate, but I was struck by how much it impacted me, this having intelligent and articulate classmates not contributing to our class discussions.

This year, […]

Another face of racism

Racism in modern-day Latin America is a topic that has not provoked a lot of discourse, either popular or academic. Changing this situation is one of my goals, since acknowledging that a problem exists is one of the first steps to change. My one piece of creative writing ever focused on tensions between educated mestizo […]