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Not a lucky dining choice

I nodded my head in agreement to most of the predictable recommendations for where to go when visiting Portland in a recent Shelterrific post. Part of me thinks there would be a lot less for bloggers to write about if they were required to first Google whether the question had previously been asked and answered, […]

ADA parking in an ideal world

We went to the grocery store the other night, and it was really cold out. Despite getting the handicapped space nearest the door, I still started complaining about the cold as soon as I got out of the car. Note that these are paraphrased, as I have awful verbal recall of conversations.

Me: Oh my […]

Ethical pauses

Tonight while driving about, I came to a red light. On the sidewalk to my right was an attractive and hip female pedestrian in her mid-twenties, walking the opposite way I was going. She looked really great, and I thought to myself “hey, it would be nice if I could pull off mini-skirts as well […]

I believe I will donate that 25 cents to my savings account, thankyouverymuch

Jack Johnson (1878-1946), an African American boxer, was convicted of violating the Mann Act under suspiciously racist circumstances; now his family is seeking a pardon. I wish them the best, which is more than I can say for modern-day Jack Johnson, who should definitely not be pardoned for the craptastic music he produces. The catalytic […]

Wasted beer and flash

While having a really good beer this evening at The 5th Quadrant, I was reminded of a terrible beer we tried at Alameda Brewhouse a couple weeks back. The two don’t really have anything in common, besides being beer.

Or so the server at Alameda Brewhouse claimed; in fact, their random blond seasonal she talked […]

Table talk

Yesterday, we had a short shopping outing that I consider successful. How successful? Living room and dining room furniture for Brooks: check.

In a mere three or so hours of hobbling (my foot continues to be painful), he and I found not just a couch and two living room chairs made of awesome, but also […]

Overdue move

Nothing like holding on to the past for a year too long. I have finally decided in my little heart that nonprofitgirl could die. This is due in part to the fact that I no longer have the urge to post there, and in part because I…haven’t worked in the non-profit sector for over a […]