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Wasted beer and flash

While having a really good beer this evening at The 5th Quadrant, I was reminded of a terrible beer we tried at Alameda Brewhouse a couple weeks back. The two don’t really have anything in common, besides being beer.

Or so the server at Alameda Brewhouse claimed; in fact, their random blond seasonal she talked us into ordering tasted more like a root beer. So maybe it was very popular there, but the pub in question is dangerously close to Vancouver. Presumably the Washingtonians are throwing her count off. From my perspective, it was truly the worst beer I have ever tasted, outside of a friend’s undrinkable homebrew.

There’s a flash equivalent to the awfulness of that beer. Oh yes. It is to web design what that blond ale was to drinkable liquids. My eyes hurt. [Via Brooks, via something on teh internets]

1 comment to Wasted beer and flash

  • Brooks

    I beg to differ. You and I both thought the DonkeyAss MonkeyNutz PA style ale tasted like root beer. When I said that to the (admittedly overworked) server she gave me the blank stare reserved for fucktards and drunks who hit on overworked servers. Being neither I was hurt and will now spend the couch money on therapy to seek respite from the anxieties now dominating my psyche.