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Op-ed thoughts on the Bottle Bill from Brooks

As promised, here’s Brooks’s perspective on bottles, deposits, and meth heads.


So, thank you to Ms. Christine for letting me post on her blog. I don’t often have blogworthy thoughts, but here’s one.

[Editorial comment: this is not factual. On any day […]

Can’t trust a moderate, apparently

Some good Monday morning reading here:

Trying to appear moderate is not always the best strategy for capturing votes during an election, reveals a new study. Extreme positions can build trust among an electorate, who value ideological commitment in times of uncertainty.

“The current political advantage of the Republican Party stems from the ability of […]

Edwards to end presidential bid

This is disappointing news. John Edwards has truly set the pace on many issues related to domestic policy this election year. I hope that, especially on poverty, the remaining candidates continue to borrow freely from his ideas.

Democratic Party leadership bars Michigan delegates from national convention

First Florida, now Michigan. The oh-so-relevant leadership of the Democratic party voted this morning to take away Michigan’s delegates to the national convention. Their infraction? They scheduled their primary too early.