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Intel rock stars?

I get to see more Intel marketing material than anyone should ever have to look at, but I must admit to having watched this video associated with their Sponsors of Tomorrow ad campaign at least ten times. And I have made other people watch it…without being paid to do so. Why? Because it’s actually pretty […]

I believe I will donate that 25 cents to my savings account, thankyouverymuch

Jack Johnson (1878-1946), an African American boxer, was convicted of violating the Mann Act under suspiciously racist circumstances; now his family is seeking a pardon. I wish them the best, which is more than I can say for modern-day Jack Johnson, who should definitely not be pardoned for the craptastic music he produces. The catalytic […]

Can’t say I’ve heard a worse idea in a long time…

Statesman Journal opinion page: Make Oregon State Hospital Part of OHSU

Because…OHSU does such a great job caring for other vulnerable Oregonians?

Edwards to end presidential bid

This is disappointing news. John Edwards has truly set the pace on many issues related to domestic policy this election year. I hope that, especially on poverty, the remaining candidates continue to borrow freely from his ideas.

Roseburg, Oregon homeless shelter for teens gets front page writeup

First, I am running way behind around here. The dearth of posts has to do with fun holiday activities and a few recent trips. That to say, I wish I had posted this a week and a half ago.

I was home in Roseburg, Oregon, visiting my parents for the holidays, and noted that the […]

National Community Action Foundation responds to Labor-HHS veto

Just got this press release from the people at NCAF.

NCAF Blasts Bush’s Veto of Labor-HHS

WASHINGTON (Nov. 13, 2007) Community Action Agencies (CAAs) that administer self-help to low-income Americans nationwide are exasperated by President Bush’s veto of the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education appropriations bill.

“This is the height of hypocrisy,” said National […]

In the news: Mexican migrants sending less money home

An IHT story this morning discusses the stagnation and decline of remittances from Mexican migrants working in the US. Immigration crackdowns, greater concerns over deportation, and difficulty obtaining work without documentation are among the reasons cited. However, the situation of Mexican migrants goes against the global trends:

In the rest of the world, remittances are […]

Al Gore wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

I can’t help but post when Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize. That makes the month for me.

Now, if he would just win the presidency again.

HR 2699 provides student loan forgiveness for non-profit employees

Looking for a status update on this legislation? See here.

Pending legislation would provide federal student loan forgiveness for long-term non-profit workers with outstanding student loans. Basic requirements for eligibility would be ten years working at non-profits and 120 student loan payments.

It seems good to me, but now that the idea is in […]

Karl Rove resigning

That’s got to be good news for about…everyone.