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The O covers UFW/Beef Northwest at last

It’s old news for me, as I first wrote about this last August, but hey…nice to see the Oregonian has taken an interest in these farmworker happenings. My own September 07 interview with John Wilson, one of the family owners of Beef Northwest, is here. I remain agnostic on the issue, but I can say that United Farm Worker’s overt smear tactics on every possible avenue left a bad taste in my mouth–and eventually got me to unsubscribe from their email list. I was unclear: do they want to unionize the workers, or do they want to destroy the business so unionizing elsewhere will be easier? Anywhooooo.

2 comments to The O covers UFW/Beef Northwest at last

  • John WIlson


    Nice to hear from you again…this has been quite a road that I and my company have been down the past year. We simply want the employees to have a fair vote, decide and move on. It amazes us that can’t just happen. Take care.

  • Josh

    Could you tell me a bit more about this and what you mean?

    Joshua Middlekauff