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Shocking incident with TriMet

TriMet driver greatly exceeds expectations, stopping at a red light. […]

Living in Portland: Indigo Traders in Multnomah Village

Indigo Traders, a family business owned by Karla Bean and Samir Naser, is one of my very favorite shops in Portland. The selection of soaps, textiles, and ceramics makes for a wonderful sensory experience, and on First Friday, their open house includes a veritable feast of Middle Eastern cuisine.

They recently opened an outpost across […]

Living in Portland: Switch Shoes in Multnomah Village

I’ve been frequenting the marvelous, locally-owned Switch Shoes for quite some time. For one, it’s easy walking distance from my house. Even if it weren’t, though, they have lovely shoes, and the owners are even more enthusiastic about footwear than I. On First Friday this month, my wonderful roommate and I were in for a […]

Living in Portland: a new series

I’m beginning a new category of postings on this site, Living in Portland. I’m reasonably engaged in the community I live in, whether that means being politically active or shopping locally as often as possible. While not really nonprofit in nature, these activities reflect my values both ethical and aesthetic. In this new series, I’ll […]