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Anatomy of an eviction > part 1 (Tuesday)

In retrospect, I should have lived blogged this. For that huge FAIL, I will always be sorry. We were, however, very caught up in the memorable moments of the past few days.

Background: ex-felon who rents the house across the street is a nuisance. He hits on the women in the neighborhood, married and single, and doesn’t get the standard social cues of “leave me alone, you freak. I’m not interested.” He rides his Harley on the street (and on the sidewalk, because why wouldn’t you?), at incredible speeds and with incredible amounts of noise, any time of the day or night. He neglects his child. He shouts. He accuses. He has a parade of skanky people in and out of his house, day and night. Some leave so high they can hardly walk and also try to engage in conversation with cars.

He is, in other words, a bad-ass MoFo who is pathetic (and even sympathetic) in his own ways.

But he’s, at last, no longer a neighbor. Here’s how it went down; times are somewhat approximate.

Tuesday evening, 8 pm. We note suspiciously normal older couple at house across the street. They haven’t arrived on loud Harleys, they haven’t driven motorcycles down the sidewalk at 50 mph, and they do not appear interested in either buying or selling meth. They are clean, and it’s even possible that they shower regularly.

Tuesday evening, 8:01 pm. I find Brooks downstairs and ask if he’d recognize neighbor’s landlords, since I think they may be across the street.

8:01:14 pm. Brooks is now in the front yard, innocently watering. Watching from the window, I realize I was right–those were the landlords.

8:02 pm. Brooks waves at landlords, who cross street and engage in conversation.

8:09 pm. Animated conversation continues.

8:15 pm. Brooks comes inside, confirms that they are the landlords, and gives me the GLORIOUS news that the problematic tenant is being evicted for non-payment of rent.

8:15:10 pm. Celebration ensues.

8:20 pm. More details. Neighbor has promised landlord he will be out by the following morning. We prepare for an even longer, louder night than usual.

10 pm. Sitting in the dark in living room, watching neighbor. No packing is happening.

10:30 pm. Still surveilling. Still no packing. Some cell phone conversations. I wonder about installing microphones in the maple tree.

11:15 pm (or so). We go to bed.

More to come, folks…but for now, here’s a preview of what you can look forward to in my history of Wednesday:

4:05 am. Friends of neighbor begin to arrive.

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