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Metafilter: What happens when you’re the last nonprofit gal standing?

A Metafilter member discusses her nonprofit employer’s descent into chaos and wonders what to do.

I’m working for a nonprofit that’s just barely able to patch itself together. Nine months ago, I started off as the communications manager, but as of today I’m covering everything from booking plane tickets to washing dishes. Should I tell my boss that I’m unhappy in the midst of chaos, or just wait it out until I find a better job?

There’s more, but you can read it at the link provided. What I find interesting is the larger issue: why do smart, capable people stay at dysfunctional nonprofits? Nonprofit work in our culture is equated with “meaning” and “good,” but these nightmare situations come up all too often–and people stay and sweep things under the rug. A healthy dose of pragmatism seems in order. If your job is making you miserable, find another one. There’s nothing essentially good about nonprofit work, which in my mind exists to fill gaps that should not even exist.

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