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What’s it like? I’ll tell you…pretty inconvenient

Due to my work, which at this time of the year has me working on grant renewals until late at night, I haven’t cooked any black beans. I’m now in the fourth day of the challenge, and the diet is getting decidedly dodgy.

Last time I talked about the food I had on hand, I had $8.26 remaining. I have since decided to charge myself $1.26 for a pound or so of bulk oatmeal I had on hand; I’ve been eating that and yogurt at work, although I did remember to bring apples when left from home this morning.

Then, yesterday, which was a really long day, saw me hit the food budget again for $2–I got some fast food. It turns out that Chris also broke down in the mall food court yesterday.

At this point I’m down to $6. Having limited foods that take time to prepare is really hard when you work long hours.

My lunch today? Provided by my boyfriend, who kindly came and took me to eat. It takes a village, I guess.

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